Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Part 3 is about encouragement for MOTHERS!...we need all the encouragement we need no matter if you a brand new mom or been a mom for more years that you can count...we all need ENCOURAGEMENT!!

My question to all the moms:

"I'm working on my blog and I need some advice from you ladies...on encouragement...for new moms or soon to be moms or moms that have been moms for a long time now...so GO!

Once again, I went to facebook to get encouraging words from other moms...here's what they said:

Some encouraging words for new moms or soon to be moms. Don't ever think you are alone in your battles. You are not. Don't ever think your kids are the only kids that act this way, because they are not. Don't ever think other mom's have it together while you can barely manage to breath, because they don't. Don't ever think you are a failure as a mom, because you are not. I worry and fret over my children. I am scared about how they are going to turn out. I am afraid I fail my children in raising them well. Then someone told me something that really lifted me up. They said because you worry and fret so much about your children's welfare this goes to show that you care so much about them. Also remember no mom is perfect. There are some out here that think they are but deep down they are not. Don't ever let some moms make you as a mom feel less about yourself. I had to learn this the hard way. Some moms will try and bring you down because you do things differently then what they do. But being a mother is not easy. And every child is so different. So therefore we as moms have to go with what works best for each child. Sometimes that takes a while to figure out and that is ok. So days that you feel like you are never going to get this mothering thing down, don't worry. We never will!. 

I have a hard time on bad days. Feeling like all I did was yell all day. I ALWAYS go in that night at bedtime to talk with the child, ask for forgiveness and talk about what happened that day and how we could make tomorrow better. The child usually will apologize and also ask for forgiveness from me. Then we pray about it and jointly ask God for forgiveness. I think it's important to admit our mistakes and failures to our kids and be an example of how we are not perfect. I'm not always going to handle a situation the right way. Since I have started doing this, my daughter is recognizing her own mistakes and will often come to me to tell me she did something wrong. I also remind her at night during our talks, that I will ALWAYS love her even when she does bad things or makes bad choices. I strive everyday to show my kids God's love in their lives and to set a realistic example for them to follow. It's hard but it's worth it! Also have a support system of friends, family, etc. To call on to vent, when you just need a break, to babysit, etc. It helps more than you know.

Things really do get better as they age. Slow down and enjoy each moment. Those moments become a memory very quickly.


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