Monday, December 29, 2014


Part 2 is about ENCOURAGEMENT for matter if you are a newly married woman or been married longer that you've been single...every woman faces many different obstacles, challenges, miracles, and just every day life when she becomes a bride...many were unknown before hand...

So I went onto my Facebook and asked the following question:

working on my blog...i have a question...what is one thing that you would tell a wife whether she is a newlywed or been married for years to keep her encouraged?

The response was here are what other wives are hopefully keep you ENCOURAGED:

  • Follow your heart and believe in the LORD's wisdom for all your needs...things will eventually reveal themselves.
  • Realize that men think women won't change and women think that men will...neither is correct
  • love their flaws
  • don't jump in
  • the best is yet to come
  • stand up for yourself and make sure your husband has your back, especially when dealing with the in-laws
  • an older lady at church handed me a slip of paper and this is what it said, "Never argue with your clothes on" best advice to couples
  • Always, Always, Always pray before you say! You can't take back words when they have left your lips. Be sure to take a moment to weigh the costs!
  • It's better not to regret what you say. Most of the time, words hurt the most. Think before you speak.
  • Do what makes you happy...not what others think will make you happy!
  • You may not always agree on everything but be in agreement that it always GOD's WAY FIRST!
  • Love. Unconditionally. & mean it! Forgive as you have been forgiven. Understand. Take your vows seriously! That is all one piece of advice. But you will NEVER know what it means to do any of that until you have been tested and the tests are so much HARDER than you could of anticipated. Cling tightly to God and know that this life is fleeting. There is no greater satisfaction in a marriage knowing that you have been a woman of integrity. Pray for your husband.
WOW! It's hard to sum all of this up...most of the comments were probably if not all born out of experiences that each one of the woman went through to get to where they are today in their life and take these seriously and follow their examples...

Be ENCOURAGED...being a wife is incredible, amazing, hard, difficult but one of the MOST REWARDING and INCREDIBLE journeys of your life!!! (Thank you to all the ladies that commented...part 3 is coming soon!)

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